60 Second Music produces effective, national quality musical images for our clients. But we go further than that – no matter how good a jingle may be it’s critical that the client is running the right number of commercials for the right period of time and on the right stations to be successful.

Our service includes a business category, ad schedule and local market media analysis to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising dollars. Plus Sixty Second Music Imaging offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee! In the event that we can’t produce a jingle that meets with client approval any and all deposit funds are refunded – no questions asked!


We provide a national quality product and superior service, however we price by market size so you will find our prices very affordable.


60 Second Music specializes in partnering with radio and television stations to make current advertisers’ ad campaigns more effective and attract new advertisers; resulting in better client retention and new direct local business.

A jingle market visit promotion is a great way to provide training to your sales staff, help your clients and increase sales. In preparation for a market visit by 60 Second Music your sales staff will be given a tutorial on how musical images make advertising campaigns more effective, who to approach in an effort to set an appointment for the market visit and how to present the concept to current or prospective clients.