60 Second Music Imaging is an audio production and consulting company specializing in custom jingle production for local and regional radio and television advertisers.  Unlike most jingle companies that simply attempt to create a catchy ad, our goal is to make your ad campaign measurably more effective and help radio and TV stations create successful long-term advertisers. This is achieved not only by producing an effective audio logo but also through market and industry analysis and media buying counseling.


With over 100 years of collective broadcast industry experience our production quality and sales and marketing expertise has helped thousands of advertisers improve their advertising ROI and hundreds of radio and TV stations increase sales.

Our specialty is custom jingle production, not re-singing a bank of pre-recorded music tracks. 60 Second Music employs a network of full time professional jingle writers based in various regions of the country who provide national quality sound. Our multi-regional production team ensures a variety of writing styles and techniques as well as a large roster of singers to make every jingle unique.