There’s only one reason to consider investing in a jingle to promote your business – THEY WORK!


A Jingle will make an advertiser’s spot four times more effective than straight “voice over” commercials.

A Jingle allows local advertisers to compete with large national chains by making their ads sound more professional at a low cost

A Jingle is instantly recognizable. After a short period of time on the air (a few weeks and sometimes days) the impression is made in the first few notes of the jingle

A Jingle gives you maximum impact without running a high frequency ad campaign. In one study “the use of a jingle increased memory accuracy relative to not using a jingle after only one exposure…”

A Jingle gives ad campaigns a consistent recognizable sound and eliminates the need to come up with a new copy approach each time an advertiser goes on the air

A Jingle can be utilized on all forms of electronic media – radio, TV, web site, music on hold etc.

A Jingle gives advertisers flexibility to change copy within the framework of the jingle on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis and employ it no matter what length of commercial is being run – :60 seconds, :30 seconds, :15 seconds etc.



Of the estimated 60 billion broadcast hours of advertising run in North America each year over 75% utilize music.

“…the right music increases commercial impact by 30%…”

Jay Conrad Levinson (Guerilla Marketing)

The name of the game in advertising is to create top of mind awareness for your business in the shortest period of time. In other words, get consumers who need your product or service to think of you first.

“…the first business that comes to mind is twice as profitable and commands twice the market share of the competition…”

Al Reis & Jack Trout (Positioning: The Battle For your Mind)

The best and most cost effective way to become the company consumers think of first is by advertising on radio or TV with a musical image or jingle!

“…jingles are the nitroglycerin of advertising that will explode your sales…”

Roy Williams (The Wizard of Ads)


One of the earliest and best examples of a successful campaign using a jingle is Wheaties breakfast cereal. General Mills planned to discontinue production of Wheaties due to poor sales in the mid 1920’s. On Christmas Eve 1926 General Mills aired one of the radio industry’s earliest jingles “Have You Tried Wheaties?” in Minneapolis, MN.

Soon after the jingle aired in Minnesota it was discovered that of the 53,000 cases of Wheaties sold 30,000 were sold in Minneapolis. Instead of dropping the product General Mills began using the jingle nationwide and the resulting increase in sales single-handedly established the Wheaties brand to the dominant position it still holds today.